April 2019 - Grunewaldsee

My daughter was invited to a birthday party. While the group was enjoying this event a had time for a little stroll around the lake. It is a natural lake, the largest in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf with 17.5 hectares. In the north, the Grunewald forest adjoins the lake.

The shore paths of the Grunewaldsee and the Hundekehlefenn, which follows to the north, up to the Hundekehlesee, as well as to the southern tip of the Schlachtensee, form an official and the most popular dog run area in Berlin.

Accordingly, one should be able to bear the continuous barking of the happy four-legged friends, who hunt through the undergrowth there, bathe in the lake and play with each other. There are hardly any bathers at the two south-eastern beaches, where dog owners stand at the water's edge, throw sticks and watch the animals swim.

At the Grunewaldsee lake lies the oldest castle in town, the Grunewald hunting lodge from 1542. It is a fine example of the early Renaissance in Berlin. Today it houses a museum with paintings from the 16th to 19th century.

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