April 2019 - Grunewald Lake

My daughter was invited to a birthday party. While the group was enjoying this event a had time for a little stroll around the lake. 

August 2018 - Tegel Forest

There is this fallow deer at Tegel forest - habituated to humans. He stands quietly for a while, staring into space. Just long enough to let you take a picture. A true master of melancholy - and the complete opposite of the little piglets who explore their environment full of curiosity.

July 2018 - Blood moon

Last night the globe has witnessed the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. The so-called blood moon is visible when the sun, Earth and moon line up, casting Earth’s shadow on the moon. In a twist of fate, after weeks of clear weather, clouds had been veiling the moon for almost an hour. Nevertheless here are some decent shots from our location at the Spree river looking towards Oberbaum Bridge.

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