Regional restriction

The rights of use are transferred worldwide for exploitation in physical (print) media (without PDF), in online media, including social networks, in corporate networks and on the intranet. Clarification of third party rights

The licenser only transfers the photographic right of use. The clarification of other rights to the photograph, in particular personal, trademark and design rights, is the responsibility of the licensee himself. The licensor assumes no liability for this.


The licensee receives a simple right of use. Time limit The transfer of the rights of use is unlimited in time. Copyright notice The Licensor waives his right to be named as the author Right to sublicense The licensee is entitled to transfer rights of use exclusively to his own customers.


The licenser assures that he has created the recording himself and is therefore the author.

Commercial Use

The licensee is permitted to commercially exploit the licensed material. This permission refers to the use of the license material in PR press kits and annual reports. The Licensee is granted the right to use the Licensed Material for advertising purposes.

Online Advertising

The Licensee is entitled to use the Licensed Material for online advertising purposes, limited to newsletters, web site displays, pop-ups, downloads, online advertising, online catalogs, exposés, PDF, banners.


The right of use entitles the licensee to use the licensed material for advertising purposes in printed form, limited to advertising in/on magazines, flyers, daily newspapers, posters, merchandise, brochures, exposés, product catalogs.

Editorial uses

Licensor grants Licensee the right to use the Licensed Material for editorial purposes.

Print - Without Online & PDF

The rights are granted for use in printed media, limited to daily press, advertising journals, weekly newspapers, magazines, journals, online archives, customer magazines.


The licensee is entitled to editorial online use. This use is limited to portals, online newspapers, periodicals, intranets, blogs, epapers, newsletters, aggregators, news portals / PR portals.

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